The darkness of humanity will continue, but so too will its song, its music and its will to live a life of true and ultimate freedom. True freedom does not lie in our ability to do what we want, when we want. True and ultimate freedom is the mastery of self, regardless of inner and outer circumstances.

True and ultimate freedom means balancing and fighting for all of the things that make us human, and doing so with a collective mindset, not just to benefit ourselves but for the benefit of all.

I chose to name the album “Sigue El Canto” because it is representative of this fact. We each have our own personal song in life. Metaphorically speaking, it’s the thing that we love doing and sharing with others, and it is the cultivation of this gift that is our soul craft. But it is also a part of the bigger song of life.

The threading of different melodies and rhythms that represent our unique and collective wisdom in one gorgeous, amazing, human song.

Sigue El Canto is all about that and then some. Sigue El Canto is a way of life, because regardless of when the shit hits the fan, and whether or not your inner or outer circumstances are how you want them to be, you always have a choice.

The choice lies in choosing to continue to sing regardless.

So let’s keep singing my friends, each in our own special way, and with your community and the people you love. Keep the song of joy, openness, love, kindness and awareness alive in your heart, because this is how we move humanity forward.