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Las Almas Collective



Las Almas Collective is a group of Latin musicians, artists, and filmmakers empowering women through culture, art and music.  The collective produces one music video every year that features an original women’s empowerment song produced by the collaboration of its members.




G.E.M.B.E (Girls Empowered Mind Body Education) –  A program that emphasizes learning mind-body techniques for empowering at-risk young girls .  The program teaches stress management techniques such as breath work, meditation, and yoga.  It also takes the girls through a six week women’s self-defense course that teaches basic self-defense which encourages self-confidence and discipline of the body.




A bilingual music program for preschoolers that emphasizes learning Spanish through fun games and songs.  This program uses traditional Mexican-American songs in Spanish and other rhythm and movement games that make learning Spanish a fun and creative experience.